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Building Connections

GE's Measurement & Control business is improving the health of industry with smart, predictive and integrated solutions. Now, more than ever, we're looking to form strong, mutually beneficial relationships with companies that are tuned in to their local customers' needs. Together, we can help our customers meet their goals. Our success is your success. Become an extension of GE by selling and distributing our proven portfolio and harnessing the power of what we can provide.

What We Offer

Along with GE's worldwide brand recognition and financial stability, our Channels receive comprehensive sales support, technical expertise and an array of programs, promotions and practices to help grow your business. We offer a full range of value-added benefits to demonstrate our commitment to you.

If you are interested in becoming a GE Channel Partner or Distributor to help your customers become more efficient and reliable, please get in touch with your nearest contact below.

North America

Brad Smith

E: bradley.smith@ge.com

T: +1 281 921 5142 (US)

South America

Carlos Villaguerra

E: carlos.villaguerra@ge.com

T: +57 1 742 5654 (Colombia)


Li Chuntao

E: chuntao.liu@ge.com

T: +86 213 877 8518


Shunmuga Raj

E: sshunmuga.raj@ge.com

T: +91 44 49681424

East Asia - Pacific

Akihisa Kikuchi

E: akihisa.kikuchi@ge.com

T: +81 3 68719032 (Japan)

Sub-Saharan Africa Region

Augustine Nnoli

E: augustine.nnoli@ge.com

T: +234 1 460 7365 (Nigeria)

Europe & CIS

Gordon Morrison

E: gordon.morrison@ge.com

T: +44 7554 459218 (UK)

Middle East, North Africa and Turkey

Georges Chahine

E: georges.chahine@ge.com

T: +971 48173739 (UAE)

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