DPI 620 Genii Portable Multifunction Calibrator

Our Elite range of GE's Druck DPI 620 Genii Series are easy to use, rugged, and highly accurate multifunction instruments for calibrating & maintaining process instrumentation. Its modular design and functionality means it can be expanded over time and tailored to applications as needs change.  With options that include HART® / Fieldbus / Profibus communications, it’s our most powerful, simple to use and highest accuracy calibrator. Now available with ATEX and IECEx approval for use in zone 1 and zone 2 classified hazardous areas.

DPI620 Genii Series Datasheet.

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The Elite Range

Modular multifunction communication and calibration

The DPI620 Genii and Genii-IS are part of our Elite product range, which gives you state-of-the-art calibration, communication and data integration on the move. Featuring temperature, electrical, frequency and pressure calibration with HART®, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus communications, the Elite range gives you fast, intelligent workflows on the move. Modular design gives you the capability of a full calibration lab, anywhere in the field.

If you need dedicated test and calibration devices, our Essential and Expert ranges have you covered.


 DPI620 Genii Features and Benefits

  • 3 tools in 1 – calibrator, test meter and HART® communicator
  • Optional Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus communicator
  • Easy to use including large colour screen and one touch menus
  • Automates procedures, documents results and integrates with calibration software
  • Best in class accuracy for pressure, electrical, temperature and frequency
  • Modular: re-range in the field, configure by application, expand when needs change
  • ATEX and IECEx approval for hazardous use
  • Multi-function capabilities allows significant inventory reductions and simplifies training 

New in Genii IS

  • Genii interface and touch screen
  • Temperature range extended: -10 to 50 oC
  • Improved battery management – exchange in hazardous areas, no tools required
  • Independent battery charge indicator
  • Improved daylight readability of display
  • HART®, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus communicator options
  • Complete device description libraries and free updates
  • Internal mA loop power and communicator power hubs
  • Internal menu selected HART® loop resistor


Pressure Generation Stations:

  • Advanced pressure generation
  • 95% vacuum to 20 bar/300 psi pneumatic
  • 95% vacuum to 100 bar/1500 psi pneumatic
  • 0 to 1000 bar/15,000 psi hydraulic
  • Replace hand pumps


Pressure Measurement Modules:

  • 25 mbar to 1000 bar (10 inH2O to 15000 psi)
  • Accuracy from 0.005%FS
  • Fully interchangeable modules with no need for set-up, calibration or tool.
  • Quick-to-fit pressure adaptors and hoses – no tools or seals required 


The DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator excels in:

  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals


Other features include:

  • Up to 6 Channels for simultaneous measurement and sourcing of mA, V, Ohms, frequency, pressure, RTDs and T/Cs, HART, Fieldbus
  • Simple and user friendly touch screen interface.
  • Quick launch menu applications such as DASHBOARD, TASK selection & FAVORITES
  • Accuracy from 0.006%RDG + 0.005%FS for mA
  • Pressure accuracy from 0.005%FS
  • Fully documenting – automated procedures, PASS/FAIL errors, results storage
  • Interface to GE calibration software or other leading calibration software packages
  • More than enough storage for a complete plant database of procedures, results and supporting documents

Product Downloads: Please note, English versions reflect latest revisions

Download Language File Type
DPI620 Genii Series Datasheet. 3 MB English PDF
Process Calibration Tools from GE 391 KB English PDF
DPI 620 Genii Data Sheet 481 KB German PDF
DPI 620 Genii Data Sheet 514 KB French PDF
DPI 620 Genii Data Sheet 339 KB Italian PDF
Connecting DPI620G-IS to HART® Devices - Application Note - 2017 560 KB English PDF
Calibration Overview Sheet 217 KB English PDF
Intrinsically safe Process Calibration Tools from GE 1 MB English PDF
Calibration Overview Sheet 217 KB German PDF
Calibration Overview Sheet 205 KB French PDF
Calibration Overview Sheet 184 KB Russian PDF
Communication Overview Sheet 280 KB English PDF
Communication Overview Sheet 280 KB German PDF
Communication Overview Sheet 276 KB French PDF
Communication Overview Sheet 280 KB Russian PDF
Integration Overview Sheet 187 KB English PDF
Integration Overview Sheet 187 KB German PDF
Integration Overview Sheet 183 KB French PDF
Integration Overview Sheet 187 KB Russian PDF
DPI620 Genii-IS User Manual Rev A 4 MB English PDF
DPI620 Genii-IS user Manual 116M5464 - Rev A (German) 7 MB German PDF
DPI620Genii-IS Manual - Chinese 12 MB Chinese PDF
DPI620Genii-IS Manual - Portuguese 7 MB Portuguese PDF
DPI620Genii-IS Manual - Russian 7 MB Russian PDF
DPI620Genii-IS Manual - German 7 MB German PDF
DPI620Genii-IS Manual - Italian 5 MB Italian PDF
DPI620Genii-IS Manual - Spanish 7 MB Spanish PDF
DPI620Genii-IS Manual - French 7 MB French PDF
DPI620 GENII USER Manual K0541 Rev 2 4 MB English PDF
DPI620 Genii USER Manual K0541 - Rev A (German) 3 MB German PDF
DPI620 GENII Quick Start Manual K0542 Rev 2 1 MB English PDF
DPI620 GENii & GENii-IS Software History 21stMay18 513 KB English PDF
DPI620 Genii & Genii-IS Software Release Rev M 24thMay18 374 MB English ZIP
DPI620G & DPI620G-IS HART DD Library 2018_1 (DK401 V12.00.03) 629 MB English ZIP
DPI620 Genii & Genii-IS Software Release (Rev L) 539 MB English ZIP
Meridium Drivers DK471 V01.00.00 46 MB English ZIP

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