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Control System Repair, Spare and Replacement Parts

As an integral part of your Lifecycle Management strategy, GE brings a high degree of parts and repair expertise and capability through a dedicated regional and HQ parts team. Our expertise is delivered through dedicated Centers of Excellence. Our experienced team provides you support for over 17,000 active GE part numbers.



Customers can purchase new, genuine GE parts from our extensive inventory. To order new parts, please use this link to contact our centralized parts business.

Remanufactured, Exchange, Repair & Return
GE is proud to offer a wide range of alternative solutions for your circuit card/electronic sub-assembly requirements.

  • Remanufactured (RM):
    • Customers can purchase refurbished circuit cards/electronic sub-assemblies without the need to return a defective unit. Remanufactured items are repaired and tested to the same standards as Repair and Return.
  • Exchange (EX):
    • Customers can receive refurbished circuit cards/electronic sub-assemblies from our extensive inventory in exchange for their defective core. Exchange items are repaired and tested to the same standards as Repair and Return.
  • Repair & Return (R&R): 
    • Customers send their defective circuit cards/electronic sub-assemblies to GE Energy for R&R. These items will be repaired to the most current revision level available and service report will be included.

Email us to submit a “Request for Quote” from our Inside Sales Team. We will respond in a quick manner to your inquiry. Note: Multi-scope (mix of New, RM, EX, R&R) requests can be placed through this process as well.

All New, RM, EX, and R&R support options carry a full 18-month edge to edge warranty.

Maintain your Spares Inventory
Our experts are available to work with you to assess your spares inventory to reduce risk in the event of an unplanned outage. Email us to submit a request for more information. 

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