Bently Nevada High Temperature Seismic Sensor Systems

GE’s Bently Nevada offers a very wide variety of seismic sensors, each designed to handle the rigors of industrial environments and many capable of being installed in hazardous areas when appropriate barriers are used.

The following sensors offer performance comparable to other seismic sensors but permit use at significantly higher temperatures. 

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Features and Benefits

The features of the 330450 High-Temperature Acceleration Sensor include:

  • A fundamentally unique construction compared to other acceleration sensors to allow for use in high temperatures (up to +400°C or +752°F)
  • Permanent connection via hardline cable between high-temperature sensing element and signal conditioning electronics, which can be installed in separate hot and cool areas

The 330750 and 330752 High-Temperature Velomitor System (HTVS) has a fundamentally different construction to permit use at higher temperatures.

  • A unique design segregates the sensing element from the signal conditioning electronics, with the two permanently connected via a hardline cable.
  • Current versions of these sensors allow the sensing head to be mounted on surfaces with temperatures as high as +400°C (+752°F).

The 350900 High Temperature Velocity and Acceleration Sensor (HTVAS) separates the high-temperature sensing element from the signal conditioning electronics, with the two permanently connected via a hardline cable. This arrangement allows you to mount the sensing head on surfaces with temperatures as high as +482 °C (+900 °F), while installing the signal conditioning electronics in a cooler location. Eliminating connections between the sensing head and its associated signal conditioning electronics also eliminates a significant source of potential transducer failures (connector problems). This achieves overall transducer system performance comparable to other case-mounted vibration transducers, but permits use at significantly higher temperatures. The main features of the 350900 HTVAS are as follows:

  • Velocity and acceleration output
  • High-temperature operation up to +482°C (+900 °F)
  • Electronics rated to +125°C (+257°F), survivable to +155°C (+311°F)

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