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Building upon a legacy of premier condition monitoring from heritage companies like Druck, Bently Nevada and Naxys, GE’s wide variety of vibration, position, speed, pressure and power sensors or transmitters, plus rugged probes of various tip diameters and thread sizes/configurations, are designed to last even in the harshest industrial environments.

Flame Sensing


GE Flame Detection Sensors help protect a U.S. Ammonia Plant.

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GE Bently Nevada offers a very wide variety of pressure sensors or transmitters, each designed to handle the rigors of industrial environments and many capable of being installed in hazardous areas when appropriate I.S. barriers, galvanic isolation, or other means are used.

Best performing and longest lasting sensors available for a wide variety of measurement range options

GE’s Bently Nevada offers a very wide variety of seismic sensors.

A new fully configurable test sensor suitable for both flight and ground.

Capturing real-time downhole data that can extend run-life and increase production

Introducing an exposed construction for low g sensitivity and exceptional performance of barometric pressures

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