Reciprocating Compressor Monitoring


A continuous monitoring system is vitally important for reciprocating compressor monitoring.

Specifically designed to meet the unique machinery protection and condition monitoring needs of recips, our solutions, which include Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certified products, can help close the gap. This can help bring your recip maintenance costs closer to the levels associated with centrifugals while simultaneously improving reliability, availability, and safety.

And, with patented technology, comprehensive services, and over 25 years of experience monitoring reciprocating compressors, no one is better equipped to help you.

Visit our Orbit Magazine Archives for a wealth of case histories and feature articles on reciprocating compressor condition monitoring. 


Features and Benefits




  • Transducers that are durable and reliable, with 3 year warranty
  • 3500 system: Integrated Machinery Protection and Machinery Management
    • Cards specifically designed for recips
    • Same hardware platform used for other rotating equipment
  • Utilization of System 1 software means one condition monitoring & diagnostic platform for all your critical assets
  • no need to learn a new software just for recips
  • Multiple patented algorithms for unparalleled accuracy
  • Decades of local services experience
  • On Site & In House Training available


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Condition Monitoring & Protection Services

Condition Monitoring & Protection Services

You need to get the most out of your production assets. Your goal is to meet production commitments while lowering operating and maintenance expenses. We’ll work with you to accomplish that goal. We’ll ensure your system is properly maintained and being used to its full potential through our:

  • Customized service agreements,
  • Our Machinery Diagnostics experts,
  • Our 24/7 continuous Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic Services, or
  • Our cyber security, design installation, product installation, management and support services.