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Pressure is a vital parameter in millions of industrial processes and applications. At Baker Hughes, a GE company, we understand having extremely accurate and stable pressure data is crucial in order to keep your factory, power plant, manufacturing process or machine working efficiently and safely.

Discover how you can take advantage of digital predictive corrosion management to address the tough problem of corrosion, which causes enormous pains to the oil and gas industry worldwide. 

As aircraft engines are becoming more and more powerful and use more exotic materials, the internal stresses on engine components are increasing. There is a marked increase in the types of assessment of indications sought during an inspection. 

Cyber Security Product Leader Dana Pasquali advises on how to navigate through the crowded field of cyber security vendors with four simple questions.

How the simple basics of cyber security can make a big difference.

Pipeline integrity management comprises of all the activities required to anticipate and prevent a pipeline failure. Among the various operations and maintenance (O&M) measures, in-line inspection (ILI) plays an important role. ILI tools can detect metal loss defects, cracks and geometry features.

Loss of historical data of machines since the beginning of the operation.

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RT : Hear directly from those leading adoption in their industries in our new “Meet the AI Innovators” webinar serie… https://t.co/4jwM41OxFk
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The Horizontal Clamp Connection System light is both adaptable and flexible for many different configurations. Come… https://t.co/eGOWKx9SZv