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Pipeline integrity management comprises of all the activities required to anticipate and prevent a pipeline failure. Among the various operations and maintenance (O&M) measures, in-line inspection (ILI) plays an important role. ILI tools can detect metal loss defects, cracks and geometry features.

Loss of historical data of machines since the beginning of the operation.

Our thoughts are with all those in the Houston area affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany, experienced an unexpected shutdown and high vibration alarm on a steam turbine train. Using GE’s Bently Nevada 3500 Series Machinery Monitoring System, BASF was able to quickly diagnose the problem and restart the machine. No repair was required.

Remote Visual Inspection using portable video borescopes is a widely accepted practice in the aviaion, power generation and oil & gas industries. However advanced visual inspection equipment has a much wider range of applications across many industries. 

BHGE recently broke ground on its Inspection Technology Customer Solutions Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The new facility, which will employ as many as 40 people, will help improve integrity, control quality and drive efficiency across oil and gas, additive, aviation and automotive industries.


Earlier this year Ryszard Nowicki and Nikolay Morozov presented this paper at the First World Congress of Condition Monitoring in London. The paper provides detailed technical analysis and recommends best practices for improving reliability of hydro turbine generators.

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