OEM Solutions for Pressure Sensing
OEM Solutions for Pressure Sensing

Technical Experience

Pressure is a vital parameter in millions of industrial processes and applications. At Baker Hughes, a GE company, we understand having extremely accurate and stable pressure data is crucial in order to keep your factory, power plant, manufacturing process or machine working efficiently and safely.

With a long history of working with Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automotive and many other industries, we know what matters when developing pressure sensor solutions for OEM and test applications, and we build this expertise into every product we make.

Production Excellence

Our pressure solutions are manufactured in the UK, Norway and China to enable us to get closer to our customers. Each facility is ISO9001 accredited and AS9100 for our aerospace business and operates under strict quality-control procedures. We have continually invested in advanced manufacturing techniques and processes that have resulted in signicant improvements to our product-quality and efficiency. All factories in the UK and China are supported by BHGE's Supply-chain. Planning teams work with OEM customers building forecasts to offer reliable deliveries.

Silicon Technology

The heart of all our pressure-sensing solutions is the sensing element which is manufactured from silicon wafers in our state-of-the-art clean room facility in Leicester, UK. Because we process the raw silicon right through to the final product, we have developed a World-class expertise in producing high-performance, high stability, fast-responding and high-quality pressure sensors.

Global Reach and Local Support

Our highly trained local teams are available to support customers in country and are supported by a network of specialists and application engineers. Who, in turn, are supported by our Centre of Excellence team in Leicester, UK.

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