Control 2017: GE's inlineCT solutions for the foundry of the future

In May 2017, world's leading industrial quality fair took place in Stuttgart, Germany. At the GE booth, a bundle of inspection technology innovations has been launched to exhibit customer solutions especially for industrial X-ray and Computed Tomography inspection.

GE Inspection Technologies is the only industrial CT company owning the proprietary technology of most CT core components such as generators, X-ray tubes, detectors, acquisition and reconstruction software etc. To provide exclusive, highly productive CT solutions to its customers, several proprietary GE innovations were showcased to bring down CT inspection speed and to make high througput CT ready for up to 100% production control, such as the new dynamic 41|100 detector, the patented new high-flux|target X-ray source and artifact reduction by GE's unique scatter|correct imaging technology. 

For the first time, two fully automated CT inspection solutions where shown on the GE booth:

  1. The phoenix v|tome|x m with collaborative robot for fully automated high resolution microCT inspections e.g. of turbine blades or additive manufactured parts 
  2. The extremely fast speed|scan CT 64 system, where proven medical CT gantry is being used for high-speed helix CT to scan even cylinderheads within down to just 15 seconds. Combined with an industrial robot, the system demonstrated fully automated inlineCT inspection and evaluation procedures for the foundry of the future.

Learn more about fully automated industrial Computed Tomography: Movie   /    Infographic


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