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To optimize industrial production, you need accurate, reliable data. GE’s suite of industrial monitoring and measurement technologies give you actionable insights about flow, temperature, moisture, humidity, gas, pressure and a host of other important operating parameters.

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One of the most difficult applications in level measurement is Waste Water Management. When faced with unpredictable content and a challenging environment you need confidence in the durability of your instrumentation, making robust construction key for reliable data collection and asset integrity. This article will explore the key challenges faced by those in the Waste Water Industry, and explore solutions to such concerns. 

The natural water environment is hostile and remote, making reliability critical to quality data collection, particularly when power is in short supply and service is expensive. This article will explore the key challenges faced by those in water monitoring industries and explore solutions to relevant concerns. 

High quality drinking water is a valuable resource. Managing this essential asset requires precision instrumentation across the entirety of the drinking water network. This article will explore the key challenges faced by those in water management industries and explore solutions to relevant concerns. 

The Druck Process Calibration range from Baker Hughes, a GE company, for test, calibration, commissioning and maintenance of a broad range of measurement and control devices situated in hazardous areas.

To help you select the right Intrinsically safe process calibration tools BHGE have categorised our products into three ranges: Essential, Expert and Elite.

Technical Experience

Pressure is a vital parameter in millions of industrial processes and applications. At Baker Hughes, a GE company, we understand having extremely accurate and stable pressure data is crucial in order to keep your factory, power plant, manufacturing process or machine working efficiently and safely.

BHGE recently broke ground on its Inspection Technology Customer Solutions Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The new facility, which will employ as many as 40 people, will help improve integrity, control quality and drive efficiency across oil and gas, additive, aviation and automotive industries.


Earlier this year Ryszard Nowicki and Nikolay Morozov presented this paper at the First World Congress of Condition Monitoring in London. The paper provides detailed technical analysis and recommends best practices for improving reliability of hydro turbine generators.

Leaders in the industry are no longer going to the unknown. Businesses are using the power of insights provided by big data to instantaneously make effective decisions. Industries can compare their operational situation to real similar cases. Leveraging operational experience and best practices generate a virtuous learning.   

As Jim Rohn, America's Foremost Business Philosopher, was saying “Don't let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action”. 

Did you know that your Bently Nevada monitor may be more powerful than you think? Hidden in that state-of-the-art machinery protection device is more than simply the ability to trend overall vibration amplitudes. Chances are you have more machinery condition information than you thought!

Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE), Machinery Diagnostics Services from it's Bently Nevada product line helped an European oil and gas customer to significantly reduce downtime and production losses by performing a field balancing instead of time and cost intensive sending the unit for repair to replace the rotor. 

Vibrations at Alarm Levels

In May 2017, world's leading industrial quality fair took place in Stuttgart, Germany. At the GE booth, a bundle of inspection technology innovations has been launched to exhibit customer solutions especially for industrial X-ray and Computed Tomography inspection.

Learn more about GE’s highly reliable and accurate Aurora moisture analyzer and how it can improve refinery operations.

One of the challenges today’s manufacturing world needs to most urgently tackle is the need to improve productivity. Holger Laubenthal, CEO of GE Inspection Technologies, explains how process automation and sophisticated technology have the potential to unlock some of the much-needed improvement across our world.

Pipelines are efficient and cost effective ways to transport liquids to market, but leak prevention is paramount to both operators and to the public. Ultrasonic flow meters provide the accuracy and diagnostic capability necessary for monitoring pipeline conditions and preventing false leak alarms.

GE works with industrial design firms to better understand how customers use portable instrumentation equipment to achieve their goals in better ways. Find out how research about ethnography and user-centric design influences the development of new products, like the TransPort PT900 ultrasonic portable flow meter.

One of the remaining technical challenges in flare gas ultrasonic flow metering is to deal with extremely high flare flows (greater than 80 m/s) during emergency flaring. Learn how, for the first time, an ultrasonic flare gas flow meter demonstrates the accurate measurement of air flow up to 123.7 m/s. Read more...