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Industrial companies are entering a new period of explosive value creation. The rapid spread of digital innovation will reboot industrial productivity growth. Learn how GE is transforming business and leading the digital industrial era with our industrial cloud-based Predix operating system & services.

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Discover how you can take advantage of digital predictive corrosion management to address the tough problem of corrosion, which causes enormous pains to the oil and gas industry worldwide. 

You will learn how to: 
- Digitize corrosion inspection through installed sensing and cloud analytical solutions 
- Improve data quality through more accurate, higher resolution signals and more frequent collection 
- Enable substantial reduction in cost associated with your high corrosion risk assets 

Cyber Security Product Leader Dana Pasquali advises on how to navigate through the crowded field of cyber security vendors with four simple questions.

Our thoughts are with all those in the Houston area affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

BHGE's Global Cyber Security Sales Leader Butch Pinkham talks about common challenges that arise when IT and OT come together to solve cyber security challenges. But, there's hope.

Did you know that your Bently Nevada monitor may be more powerful than you think? Hidden in that state-of-the-art machinery protection device is more than simply the ability to trend overall vibration amplitudes. Chances are you have more machinery condition information than you thought!

In December 2016, Kimberlite Research interviewed key decision makers at 51 pipeline companies to learn more about these challenges. In comprehensive, extended interviews, decision makers revealed a wealth of insights on how they manage their pipeline operations today and how they view the role of digital technology.

GE Oil & Gas' Cyber Security Product Line Leader ponders the connection between navigating a motorcycle and the current cyber security landscape. 

Blacklisting and whitelisting: what's the difference? Learn from Dana Pasquali, GE Oil & Gas Cyber Security Product Line Leader how these two approaches to cyber security can be applied to your control system and what the difference is between them. 

With new cyber security technology coming out each week, it can be hard to know where to start. GE Oil & Gas' Cyber Security Product Line Leader Dana Pasquali has your starting point: get back to the basics with endpoint protection. 

GE Oil & Gas' Product Line Leader for Cyber Security Dana Pasqauli talks about how your cyber security risk is ultimately determined by the size of your attack surface. But don't worry... there are ways to shrink it. 

Energy organizations are challenged to increase efficiency and reduce costs, despite having to maintain a growing fleet of aging assets. Learn how upgrading motor-driven compressors and consolidating the implementation of unit control and condition monitoring systems help organizations boost performance and realize cost reduction improvements. Read more...