Using Accurate and Reliable In-Line Inspection Data to Reduce Repair Costs

In these times of challenging market conditions, it is even more critical than ever for pipeline operators to be as efficient as possible, without compromising on safety. PII Pipeline Solutions can help you achieve this goal by providing more accurate and reliable inspection data — which minimizes the number of digs and repairs needed, without missing any features that could potentially fail a hydrostatic test.When operators dig based on standard resolution ILI data, it’s common to find that around 20% of defects (see examples on facing page) are actually below the criteria for immediate repair. This is an extremely expensive discovery to make in the ditch. The Super High Resolution (SHR) and “+” data from PII’s next generation ILI technologies can avoid many unnecessary digs and repairs. Accuracy is about a lot more than just sizing tolerance. Effective assessments require characterization of the feature type and surrounding influences (e.g. location, weld types and feature topography). These additional details are needed to move beyond a “pig and dig” approach, to deliver an efficient and effective, targeted repair campaign. Our latest MagneScan and UltraScan tools are designed with faster and smaller electronics that enable more frequent axial scans and greater circumferential sensor coverage, resulting in significantly tighter inspection grids. This improves the probability of identification (POI) and sizing accuracy, and enables higher inspection speeds. Their higher accuracy and reliability provide the confidence needed to prioritize remediation of critical defects that could lead to loss of containment — and only dig where immediate attention is needed — while non-critical defects can be safely monitored for extended periods before any intervention is required.


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