Digital Transformation of Oil & Gas Pipeline Operations

Beyond Compliance: Optimizing Safety, Reliability and Efficiency

The early pipeline pioneers could not have imagined the complexity operators face today. In the U.S. alone, there are 2.1 million miles of pipes to maintain, thousands of specialized workers to manage, and complex layers of regulations to which they must comply. The one thing that has not changed is the essential mission to move product safely and cost effectively -- and the need for better information and greater predictability to achieve that goal.

Optimizing pipeline operations is more attainable than ever before, with data on asset and equipment conditions coming in from numerous sources, both internal and external. Yet creating actionable information from the various sources of data continues to present obstacles. Further improvements in operational performance will require better data integration, more sophisticated analysis of the data, and better ways to visualize information.

In December 2016, Kimberlite Research interviewed key decision makers at 51 pipeline companies to learn more about these challenges. In comprehensive, extended interviews, decision makers revealed a wealth of insights on how they manage their pipeline operations today and how they view the role of digital technology.

Visit the full report to learn more about the findings of the study and the emerging trends that are improving pipeline reliability. 

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