Cybersecurity and Control Systems

Combined with unmatched experience and comprehensive services, GE’s OEM-agnostic plant and machinery control solutions for turbines, plants, compressors and pipelines range from anti-surge applications to plant-wide distributed control systems.

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BHGE is committed to helping you manage the lifespan of your control systems while offering a high return-on-investment, lowering the risk and expense of obsolescence. BHGE provides service and expertise that you can depend upon, including comprehensive parts support and upgrades.

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Cyber Security Product Leader Dana Pasquali advises on how to navigate through the crowded field of cyber security vendors with four simple questions.

How the simple basics of cyber security can make a big difference.

BHGE's Global Cyber Security Sales Leader Butch Pinkham talks about common challenges that arise when IT and OT come together to solve cyber security challenges. But, there's hope.

Subway tunnel ventilation systems are required to keep subway tunnels well ventilated with fresh air and passengers comfortable. These ventilation systems comprise multiple fans and equipment to ensure suitable ventilation. The Chongqing Subway project in China required a permanently installed condition monitoring solution to monitor more than 64 tunnel fans for vibration (e.g., bearing failure, unbalance, bracket looseness) in the subway line plus 20 subway stations.

The recent WannaCry ransomware incident proves how important it is to keep software and operating systems up to date with a proven patch management program. 

Learn how GE's SecurityST cyber security solutions aligns to ICS-CERT recommendations for Seven Strategies to Defend Industrial Control Systems. 

GE Oil & Gas' Cyber Security Product Line Leader ponders the connection between navigating a motorcycle and the current cyber security landscape. 

Blacklisting and whitelisting: what's the difference? Learn from Dana Pasquali, GE Oil & Gas Cyber Security Product Line Leader how these two approaches to cyber security can be applied to your control system and what the difference is between them. 

With new cyber security technology coming out each week, it can be hard to know where to start. GE Oil & Gas' Cyber Security Product Line Leader Dana Pasquali has your starting point: get back to the basics with endpoint protection. 

GE Oil & Gas' Product Line Leader for Cyber Security Dana Pasqauli talks about how your cyber security risk is ultimately determined by the size of your attack surface. But don't worry... there are ways to shrink it. 

Dana Pasquali, Product Management Leader at GE Oil & Gas explains how to gain leadership support for cyber security in Oil & Gas in his latest article. Read more…