Customer Success Story - Recovering Historical Asset Data

Loss of historical data of machines since the beginning of the operation.


Customer Value

During the mobilization of the Service Support Agreement contract with the client, the field
engineer found that the servers were not storing the historical data after 05/15/2017. Through
the Technical Support Agreement, the client has opened a case in site technical support for
engineering GE's Bently Nevada software to analyze the problem.



The existing System 1 Classic V6.93 software has approximately sixty-eight 3500 racks,
Decision Support software and OPC Importer and Exporter software, with six computer
servers and approximately three years of historical data where access to software is
performed remotely through the 2X application.



After the case was opened, the technical support made two remote accesses in the servers to
analyze the problem through scripts. After analysis and study, the field engineer elaborated the
problem resolution script, where the history can be recovered and again save the data, so that
no historical data was lost.

Problem Statement

• Corrupted historical data.
• Data was not archived.
• Comparison of historical data with current data.
• There was no on-line machine monitoring.


Conclusion and Resolution

• Agility in solving the problem.
• Problem resolution at no additional cost.
• Historical Data Recovered and System1 Running.




Value to Customer

The customer fully agrees with the added value of using Technical Support Agreement as an
essential tool to support existing software. The Technical Support Agreement was already
used by the client during the Service Support Agreement project, but in a basic way. Using the
Disaster Recovery option, the client declared that they have total confidence in the services
they perform.


Data and Analyses

After completing the technical support work, the client analyzed the historical data to see if the
data was being collected normally, and case was terminated after the client's approval.

This software is used to analyze if the collected data is being stored (historical). As the figure
shown, there are no problems of data loss.

The graphical waterfall radial vibration makes it possible to analyze historical data and recent
data. There was no failure in monitoring, showing that the System 1 data was recovered 100%.

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