Case Study: Optimizing Synchronous Compensator Operations

A solution to optimize synchronous compensator operations.

As the primary electricity distributor in China, our customer plans to deploy over 200 synchronous compensators within five years. Synchronous compensators operate like large motors and are critical assets used to keep the electrical grid stable and ensure power quality.

These assets are normally located in remote transformer sites, which are often dozens of KM away from the closest city. Due to the geographically scattered nature of these remote locations, addressing the machinery health monitoring needs of these machines with scheduled portable data collection is very expensive and time intensive. Additionally, portable data collection on this type of critical machine cannot guarantee the quality, consistency, and necessary response time of the data to effectively identify an impending machine condition that can potentially be addressed before further damage or loss of capacity is caused. The ideal solution for these machines is a continuous on-line machinery protection and monitoring system which can automatically trip the machine off-line when absolutely necessary as well as provide the rich condition monitoring data set that is "always on" and can catch any anomaly no matter when it happens or for how long.

Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE), offers the Bently Nevada 3500 and 3701 product platform solutions to address these challenges. BN3500+3701/55 provide a comprehensive machinery protection solution, defined as a system that reliably shuts down a machine or returns it to a safe or nondestructive mode of operation without human intervention. A machinery protection system is the last line of defense against excessive machinery stress, unplanned events, and abnormal operating conditions that could threaten or damage human life, the environment, or other plant assets. In addition, the 3500 System performs double duty not only protecting the machine but also captures the necessary condition monitoring data to enable an effective condition based maintenance program.


BHGE's solutions from it's Bently Nevada product line protectt your machinery from catastrophic failures and the high costs of those failures. The average investment for each of these machines is $35K. The return on these investments is realized in optimized maintenance and operating costs as well as cost avoidance associated with catastrophic machine failures.
Maintenance and Labor Cost Optimization = $5,000 each machine/year x 10 year. Avoidance of equipment catastrophic failure = $100,000+ (depending on the failure mode)


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