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GE’s suite of ground breaking Bently Nevada rack-based and distributed machinery condition monitoring software and hardware solutions, vibration monitoring equipment and sensors enable greater asset reliability and enhanced efficiency for your operations, backed by an expert global support system.

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Bently Nevada would like to invite you to stop by our booth at the upcoming Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium in Houston, Texas Sept 18-20th.  The Bently team will show live demonstrations (startup, shutdown, overspeed, and more) daily at Booth 1347. Get hands-on with our equipment including 3500, ADAPT 3701, our latest SCOUT portable, RangerPro wireless sensor, and System 1 Software; learn more about Bently’s heritage in our new video; pick up an iPad and play around in the new Bently App, new for 2018.

Currently, there are no industry standards for reciprocating compressor piston rod vibration to be used for protection. In addition to American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended shutdown parameters, there is an emergent need to look towards peak-to-peak piston rod vibration as another protection mechanism. Learn how this measurement can provide early indication of an impending failure.

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Part 1 of this article introduced steady-state plots for data from highly critical rotating machines with fluid film bearings and proximity probes. In Part 2 of this article, learn how “dynamic” (waveform) plots and “transient” (changing machine speed) plots can provide vital information for machinery diagnostics.


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Bently Nevada is pleased to present System 1 Version 18.1. The added capabilities continue to strengthen our industry-leading Machinery Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics toolset for Turbomachinery, Reciprocating Compressors, and General Rotating Equipment.

Maximize the benefit of your Bently Nevada equipment and strengthen the machinery diagnostic capabilities of your organization by taking advantage of our hands-on training courses. Our Advanced Machinery Dynamics and Advanced Field Balancing courses in June provide advanced training on skills to diagnose and solve complex machinery problems.

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Even if your Adapt 3701 monitors are not connected to a permanent network for continuous online monitoring, they still capture extremely useful trend data and dynamic data during machine startup and shutdown events and whenever alarms occur. This data is stored automatically in digital buffers in the Processor Module, where it remains available to be downloaded for diagnostic analysis.

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Analytic vibration data plots such as trend, Bode, polar, cascade, etc. are widely used in rotating machinery diagnostics, but they are often not used effectively for displaying the most valuable information. This two-part Orbit article describes how to use appropriate data plots to perform diagnostics on highly critical rotating machines with fluid film bearings and proximity probes.

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System 1 condition monitoring and diagnostic software helped Ecopetrol’s oil refinery in Cartagena, Colombia (the Cartagena Refinery) determine the cause of sudden vibration increases in its fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) plant’s turboexpander that led to unit shutdown.

One of the most difficult applications in level measurement is Waste Water Management. When faced with unpredictable content and a challenging environment you need confidence in the durability of your instrumentation, making robust construction key for reliable data collection and asset integrity. This article will explore the key challenges faced by those in the Waste Water Industry, and explore solutions to such concerns. 

The natural water environment is hostile and remote, making reliability critical to quality data collection, particularly when power is in short supply and service is expensive. This article will explore the key challenges faced by those in water monitoring industries and explore solutions to relevant concerns. 

High quality drinking water is a valuable resource. Managing this essential asset requires precision instrumentation across the entirety of the drinking water network. This article will explore the key challenges faced by those in water management industries and explore solutions to relevant concerns. 

Chevron North Sea Limited operates two 3-stage reciprocating compressors on the offshore platform which are in service of the Gas Compression and Export System unit. Essential information to evaluate the condition of the reciprocating compressor are a base for operation decisions, therefore Chevron North Sea Limited installed an online condition monitoring system for reciprocating compressors to increase the reliability and safety protection for their compressors.

Pipeline integrity management comprises of all the activities required to anticipate and prevent a pipeline failure. Among the various operations and maintenance (O&M) measures, in-line inspection (ILI) plays an important role. ILI tools can detect metal loss defects, cracks and geometry features.

Loss of historical data of machines since the beginning of the operation.

Our thoughts are with all those in the Houston area affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany, experienced an unexpected shutdown and high vibration alarm on a steam turbine train. Using GE’s Bently Nevada 3500 Series Machinery Monitoring System, BASF was able to quickly diagnose the problem and restart the machine. No repair was required.

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Earlier this year Ryszard Nowicki and Nikolay Morozov presented this paper at the First World Congress of Condition Monitoring in London. The paper provides detailed technical analysis and recommends best practices for improving reliability of hydro turbine generators.

A solution to optimize synchronous compensator operations.

As the primary electricity distributor in China, our customer plans to deploy over 200 synchronous compensators within five years. Synchronous compensators operate like large motors and are critical assets used to keep the electrical grid stable and ensure power quality.

Leaders in the industry are no longer going to the unknown. Businesses are using the power of insights provided by big data to instantaneously make effective decisions. Industries can compare their operational situation to real similar cases. Leveraging operational experience and best practices generate a virtuous learning.   

As Jim Rohn, America's Foremost Business Philosopher, was saying “Don't let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action”. 

Subway tunnel ventilation systems are required to keep subway tunnels well ventilated with fresh air and passengers comfortable. These ventilation systems comprise multiple fans and equipment to ensure suitable ventilation. The Chongqing Subway project in China required a permanently installed condition monitoring solution to monitor more than 64 tunnel fans for vibration (e.g., bearing failure, unbalance, bracket looseness) in the subway line plus 20 subway stations.

Did you know that your Bently Nevada monitor may be more powerful than you think? Hidden in that state-of-the-art machinery protection device is more than simply the ability to trend overall vibration amplitudes. Chances are you have more machinery condition information than you thought!

Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE), Machinery Diagnostics Services from it's Bently Nevada product line helped an European oil and gas customer to significantly reduce downtime and production losses by performing a field balancing instead of time and cost intensive sending the unit for repair to replace the rotor. 

Vibrations at Alarm Levels

Can you believe PII Pipeline Solutions RunCom™ service turns 18 this year?

RunCom is the tool used to determine the location and extent of corrosion growth between two or more in-line inspection (ILI) surveys.  Over the last 18 years, RunCom has been used to evaluate corrosion growth in over 160,000km of pipeline - equivalent to having travelled around the world 4 times!    

In December 2016, Kimberlite Research interviewed key decision makers at 51 pipeline companies to learn more about these challenges. In comprehensive, extended interviews, decision makers revealed a wealth of insights on how they manage their pipeline operations today and how they view the role of digital technology.

Moving from scheduled-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance is a paradigm shift across the oil and gas industry. Today, condition-based maintenance is broadly accepted as the best practice for monitoring and preventing plant equipment failure.

30 offshore operators were asked which technologies are most important to reducing unplanned downtime. See what they said…