Nov. 2016: Customer Postpones the Exchange of the Hot Section of its Gas Turbine Using Data from GE’S System 1* Condition Monitoring System, Correlated with Information Gathered from Inspections
                                                    November 2014: Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Condition Monitoring
                                                    November 2014: Steam Turbine Seal Rub
                                                    November 2014: The Self-Balancing Capabilities of Rotating Machines
                                                    November 2014: GE Oil & Gas Helps Customer Increase Production in Nigeria
                                                    November 2014: Remote Monitoring Case Study
                                                    November 2014: Sub Saharan Africa Case Study
                                                    November 2015: Adapt 3701 Release is Available to Ship
                                                    November 2015: Alarm Management of Hydro Power Plants
                                                    November 2015: Customer Success Story: A Nuclear Plant Upgrade