1983: Bently Nevada Dual Probe Versus Shaft Rider
                                                    1988: MECHANICAL DEGRADATION DUE TO ELECTROSTATIC SHAFT VOLTAGE DISCHARGE
                                                    1988: Shaft Position Changes
                                                    3Q 2016: Hydro Corner
                                                    April 2014: Multi State Analysis
                                                    April 2014: Subtleties in Rotor Thrust Position Measurements
                                                    April 2014: System 1 for Portables
                                                    April 2014: Sea Debris Detected in the Lube Oil Cooling System of a Combustion Turbine on an Oil and Gas Offshore Platform
                                                    April 2014: Visualizing Anomalies with the Wrapped Timebase Plot in ADRE SXP 30 software
                                                    April 2015: CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY Planning an Outage