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Subway tunnel ventilation systems are required to keep subway tunnels well ventilated with fresh air and passengers comfortable. These ventilation systems comprise multiple fans and equipment to ensure suitable ventilation.

Did you know that your Bently Nevada monitor may be more powerful than you think? Hidden in that state-of-the-art machinery protection device is more than simply the ability to trend overall vibration amplitudes. Chances are you have more machinery condition information than you thought!

Can you believe PII Pipeline Solutions RunCom™ service turns 18 this year?

RunCom is the tool used to determine the location and extent of corrosion growth between two or more in-line inspection (ILI) surveys.  Over the last 18 years, RunCom has been used to evaluate corrosion growth in over 160,000km of pipeline - equivalent to having travelled around the world 4 times!    

Learn more about GE’s highly reliable and accurate Aurora moisture analyzer and how it can improve refinery operations.

The recent WannaCry ransomware incident proves how important it is to keep software and operating systems up to date with a proven patch management program. 

Learn how GE's SecurityST cyber security solutions aligns to ICS-CERT recommendations for Seven Strategies to Defend Industrial Control Systems. 

In December 2016, Kimberlite Research interviewed key decision makers at 51 pipeline companies to learn more about these challenges. In comprehensive, extended interviews, decision makers revealed a wealth of insights on how they manage their pipeline operations today and how they view the role of digital technology.

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@ge_oilandgas 26 Jun 2017 | 9:47am
How well do you know your oil & gas equipment? See the picture and take a guess! https://t.co/yRkKsBvqtR
@ge_oilandgas 23 Jun 2017 | 11:55am
Claire Phillips discusses how proficiency, determination and experience have helped her career! https://t.co/bWz4k6ilWK
@ge_oilandgas 23 Jun 2017 | 10:44am
Meet Claire Phillips, Subsea Trees Project Director shares how to in her job at GE. https://t.co/ufCmHGGO77