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In December 2016, Kimberlite Research interviewed key decision makers at 51 pipeline companies to learn more about these challenges. In comprehensive, extended interviews, decision makers revealed a wealth of insights on how they manage their pipeline operations today and how they view the role of digital technology.

One of the challenges today’s manufacturing world needs to most urgently tackle is the need to improve productivity. Holger Laubenthal, CEO of GE Inspection Technologies, explains how process automation and sophisticated technology have the potential to unlock some of the much-needed improvement across our world.

Pipelines are efficient and cost effective ways to transport liquids to market, but leak prevention is paramount to both operators and to the public. Ultrasonic flow meters provide the accuracy and diagnostic capability necessary for monitoring pipeline conditions and preventing false leak alarms.

GE works with industrial design firms to better understand how customers use portable instrumentation equipment to achieve their goals in better ways. Find out how research about ethnography and user-centric design influences the development of new products, like the TransPort PT900 ultrasonic portable flow meter.

GE Oil & Gas' Cyber Security Product Line Leader ponders the connection between navigating a motorcycle and the current cyber security landscape. 

Blacklisting and whitelisting: what's the difference? Learn from Dana Pasquali, GE Oil & Gas Cyber Security Product Line Leader how these two approaches to cyber security can be applied to your control system and what the difference is between them. 

With new cyber security technology coming out each week, it can be hard to know where to start. GE Oil & Gas' Cyber Security Product Line Leader Dana Pasquali has your starting point: get back to the basics with endpoint protection. 

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