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System 1 condition monitoring and diagnostic software helped Ecopetrol’s oil refinery in Cartagena, Colombia (the Cartagena Refinery) determine the cause of sudden vibration increases in its fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) plant’s turboexpander that led to unit shutdown.

One of the most difficult applications in level measurement is Waste Water Management. When faced with unpredictable content and a challenging environment you need confidence in the durability of your instrumentation, making robust construction key for reliable data collection and asset integrity.

The natural water environment is hostile and remote, making reliability critical to quality data collection, particularly when power is in short supply and service is expensive. This article will explore the key challenges faced by those in water monitoring industries and explore solutions to relevant concerns. 

High quality drinking water is a valuable resource. Managing this essential asset requires precision instrumentation across the entirety of the drinking water network. This article will explore the key challenges faced by those in water management industries and explore solutions to relevant concerns. 

The Druck Process Calibration range from Baker Hughes, a GE company, for test, calibration, commissioning and maintenance of a broad range of measurement and control devices situated in hazardous areas.

Chevron North Sea Limited operates two 3-stage reciprocating compressors on the offshore platform which are in service of the Gas Compression and Export System unit.

Technical Experience

Pressure is a vital parameter in millions of industrial processes and applications. At Baker Hughes, a GE company, we understand having extremely accurate and stable pressure data is crucial in order to keep your factory, power plant, manufacturing process or machine working efficiently and safely.

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