Pipelines transport large volumes of gas and liquids, often spanning long distances, and quite commonly across state borders. Pipeline operators struggle with flow optimization, capital allocation, inadequate or incomplete data, as well as increasing regulatory and public scrutiny. GE Digital Solutions brings together a unique portfolio of advanced technologies and software products to help operators successfully manage critical challenges.


Our expertise in the pipeline industry spans across a range of process focus areas, including:

  • Software & Analytics
  • Pipeline Integrity

Discover PII Pipeline Solutions, a GE Oil & Gas and Al Shaheen joint venture: With over 1 million kilometres of pipeline inspected worldwide during the last 35 years, PII’s advanced assessment techniques deliver customer focused pipeline integrity services. Technological expertise, field experience, and advanced data management capabilities help our customers meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, and enhance the safety, productivity and life of their asset.  Find out more here.

  • Operations

Asset Health Management: Your pipeline operations are a 24/7 operation. GE Digital Solutions provides automated and remote monitoring capabilities that avoid the need for manual measurements. Our advanced monitoring solutions improve the reliability of turbines, compressors, motors, generators and other critical machinery. We apply optimal technology based on asset criticality. Our capabilities allow you to monitor and protect critical machinery, prevent unplanned shutdowns, and improve reliability.

Operational Efficiency: Monitoring and protecting your assets is crucial to operational efficiency. GE Digital Solutions provides diagnostic solutions that support predictive and decision-making capabilities. Our diagnostic tools can be paired with our products to provide predictive asset management and remote monitoring diagnostic capabilities. Our goal is to maximize the reliability and availability of plant assets through greater predictability.

Optimized Performance: With better integrity insights, active risk monitoring and complete data integration, operators will be able to identify and mitigate risk and put valuable resources where they are needed most. Providing the right information, at the right time, to help improve safety and operational efficiency. With a greater understanding of asset health and current situational factors, GE software and analytics capabilities allow you to prioritize maintenance tasks, resource allocation, and spend more effectively based on risk assessment.

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