Moisture & Humidity Measurement

GE offers reliable moisture and humidity measurement solutions. Our offering includes multi-feature sensors, moisture sensors, moisture analyzers and highly sensitive, stable oxide moisture probes and precise moisture generators. GE's solutions are built on the the legacy Panametrics product line.

Plant Process Improvement


The Preem refineries are the biggest supplier of MK-1 diesel in the Swedish market. The refineries supply the market with effective, environmentally-adapted oil products.

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19 Products

A hygrometer for dew point measurement precisely controlled by GE's chilled mirror sensing technology

A complete, portable system with options and accessories to meet industrial moisture measurement needs

A portable hygrometer for measuring the moisture/humidity content of industrial gases and liquids

A single-channel hygrometer that combines our advanced M Series moisture probe with top line electronics

Aluminum oxide moisture probes are the preferred choice for industrial moisture measurement worldwide

A cost effective loop-powered transmitter for "in-line" installation and trace moisture measurement

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