Moisture & Humidity Measurement

Scalable to your needs, GE offers reliable moisture and humidity measurement solutions from multi-feature sensors and highly sensitive, stable oxide moisture probes to precise moisture generators.

21 Products

A compact, mid-range moisture transmitter probe designed specifically for refrigeration dryer monitoring

A loop-powered mid-range moisture transmitter for simple, cost effective mid-range moisture measurement

A cost effective loop-powered transmitter for "in-line" installation and trace moisture measurement

A NIST-traceable relative humidity generator and calibration chamber

A hygrometer calibration system that generates precise, repeatable levels of water vapor in carrier gas

A hygrometer for dew point measurement precisely controlled by GE's chilled mirror sensing technology

A compact, rugged hygrometer that offers precision humidity and temperature measurement

Aurora provides moisture measurements in low ppm to percent levels for hazardous area installations.

Aurora 19 moisture analyzers provide moisture measurement from low PPM to % levels. The Aurora analyzers have an intuitive interface that makes them easy to learn, configure and operate.

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