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GE’s Condition Monitoring and Protection products, designed to improve machinery reliability and production, can be found across the globe in mining facilities. For decades, our world-class products have been supplied as standard by the OEM on critical equipment such as blowers and compressors. Today, many of those same plants are turning to GE for a more comprehensive solution to their needs, moving beyond just machinery protection instrumentation on a few assets to plant-wide strategies and systems for improved environmental compliance, safety, asset production, quality and reduced operation and maintenance costs.

The mining industry of today is generating 1MM TB (Terabytes) per minute across the industry from drills, trucks, processing plants and other equipment. Through an effective condition monitoring program, GE can use this data to help solve the mining industry’s toughest challenge including:

  • Reducing maintenance and production costs 
  • Complying with environmental and safety regulations 
  • Preventing environmental releases 
  • Minimizing unplanned outages and downtime 
  • Extending the time between and reducing the duration of planned outages 
  • Life Cycle Asset Management – optimizing maintenance and operating costs to maximize the useful life of your production an asset 
  • Protecting critical machinery against catastrophic mechanical failures

Less than one percent of data from mining equipment is utilized. Even with such vast amounts of data being collected, its potential to provide useful insights is largely unrealized. GE’s products can monitor and protect the following equipment: 

  • Crushers 
  • Conveyors 
  • Milling 
  • Flotation 
  • Thickeners 
  • Acid Plant 
  • Power Island 
  • Concentrate Storage 
  • Drying Plant
  • Refining 
  • Underground Mine

Through a combination of GE hardware and software, we can help protect and monitor equipment and insure optimized production and performance.



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