Inspection & Non-Destructive Testing

From the most advanced data collection technology to innovative software enabling remote collaboration, GE provides a full suite of non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions and equipment including radiography, computed tomography, remote visual inspection, ultrasound, and eddy current products.

Composite Inspection


GE’s HydraStar system reduces inspection time by 33 – 43% for the aerospace industry. "Great engineers...the team that helped us with the dual robot installation was top drawer." - Composite Components Manufacturer

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The phased array image is capable of readily displaying thread degradation such as corrosion as well as defects such as cracking. This will aid in decision for further action.

The v|tome|x m is GE's most versatile X-ray microfocus CT cabinet system for 3D metrology and failure analysis with up to 300 kV / 500 W. It's worlds first industrial mircoCT scanner with advanced scatter|correct technology.

Designed specifically for a wide applications range in non-destructive testing, the CRxFlex™ is optimized for Computed Radiography (CR) usage with both, X-ray sources and isotopes.

Unique automatic correction tool for high quality scatter reduced industrial CT scans acquired in significantly shorter scan time

Live inspections anywhere in the world through real-time video and advanced collaboration tools

The first portable video borescope system with 3D measurement capabilities, Mentor Visual iQ delivers the most accurate measurement system for remote visual inspection and non-destructive testing.

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