Inspection & Non-Destructive Testing

From the most advanced data collection technology to innovative software enabling remote collaboration, GE provides a full suite of non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions and equipment including radiography, computed tomography, remote visual inspection, ultrasound, eddy current and hardness testing products.

Composite Inspection


GE’s HydraStar system reduces inspection time by 33 – 43% for the aerospace industry. "Great engineers...the team that helped us with the dual robot installation was top drawer." - Composite Components Manufacturer

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App-based ultrasonic flaw detector for corrosion mapping of tanks and pipelines.

Ultrasonic weld inspection scanner for difficult-to-access, small diameter pipes.

The v|tome|x m is GE's most versatile X-ray microfocus CT cabinet system for 3D metrology and failure analysis with up to 300 kV / 500 W. It's worlds first industrial mircoCT scanner with advanced scatter|correct technology.

Vielseitiges Mikrofokus Computertomographie-System für 3D-Metrologie und Fehleranalyse mit bis zu 300 kV/500 W. Weltweit erste industriell eingesetzter microCT-Scanner mit fortschrittlicher scatter|correct-Technologie.

Der CRxFlex™ wurde speziell für zahlreiche Anwendungen im Bereich zerstörungsfreier Prüfungen entwickelt und ist für digitales Röntgen (CR) mit Röntgenquellen und Isotopen geeignet.

Designed specifically for a wide applications range in non-destructive testing, the CRxFlex™ is optimized for Computed Radiography (CR) usage with both, X-ray sources and isotopes.

Unique automatic correction tool for high quality scatter reduced industrial CT scans acquired in significantly shorter scan time

GEs einzigartiges Tool für streustrahlreduzierte industrielle CT-Scans mit hoher Qualität in deutlich kürzerer Scan-Zeit

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