Limonest CSC, France

Customer Solutions Center focusing on industrial CT and X-ray inspection

The Customer Solutions Center (CSC) in Limonest / Lyon offers customers a large range of professional Non Destructive Testing services. Particularly, X-ray solutions cover a very large field of technics: GE’s 2D X-ray inspection systems, 3D Computed Tomography and Computed Radiography (CR), training and expert technical support.

Application fields are automated 2D X-ray inspection with the phoenix nanome|x especially for PCBs and solders inspection (with optional CT). For small samples and precise 3D CT inspection, a phoenix nanotom s is available. For bigger components there is the phoenix v|tome|x m. It’s a very polyvalent CT system including 2 X-rays tubes (180 and 300 kV) able to inspect a large range of materials and thicknesses. This system is also calibrated for metrology measurement according to VDI 2630 standard.

Our services are X-ray inspection, which is specialized for parts from semiconductors industry, automotive, aerospace, high accuracy measurements, DR and CR for digital imaging. 

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68 Chemin des Ormeaux,
F-69760 Limonest
Tel.: +33 (0)4 72 17 92 25