Repair Request Form for Bently Nevada Products

Please do not return any products until you have contacted a Technical Support Specialist and have been issued an RMA # from a Returns Coordinator. Your RMA # will start with a 4000XXXXX.

  • Step 1 - Contact us using one of the methods below, giving as much detail as possible. Equipment serial numbers will be required for processing. The more detail provided, the easier it will be to evaluate your request.
    - Via the Repair Request Form on this page (this is the preferred method)
    - Via e-mail to our Technical Support Department
    - Via Phone: +1 800-488-1915 (toll-free, North America only)
    +1 775-215-1818 (toll)
  • Step 2 - A Tech Support Specialist (TSS) will review your request and contact you within three business days for more information if necessary.
    NOTE: In instances where it is determined that the product is configured or installed incorrectly, the Technical Support Specialist will attempt to resolve the issue without requiring you to return the affected product(s).
  • Step 3 - If the Technical Support Specialist cannot resolve the issue, they will provide you a Technical Support case number, allowing you to complete the form below. To return a product for repair, you must first submit a Return Material Authorization Form.
You will receive an RMA Number through email, allowing you to return the product(s) for repair

  • Chargeable Repairs - Standard: Standard service charges will be quoted at the time an RMA number is issued, unless you request a quote prior to us issuing an RMA number.
  • Chargeable Repairs - Expedited: An expedited service program is available, reducing the lead-time. There is a 25% adder for this expedited service.
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End-User details including company name & full address is required to comply with U.S. and various other countries' export laws. The End-User is the ultimate user of the product. Example: actual installation site/user
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If you require a Report of service performed, please check here.
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A detailed problem statement is critical to providing you with the quickest service possible. Requests without a detailed problem statement will experience significant delays.
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Product Information
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(include all applicable dash numbers i.e. 330100-50-00 NOT 330100). Multiple different parts can be sent on the same RMA number.
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Item 7 Part Number   Serial Number   Monitor Firmware
Item 8 Part Number   Serial Number   Monitor Firmware
Item 9 Part Number   Serial Number   Monitor Firmware
Item 10 Part Number Serial Number   Monitor Firmware
NOTE: For more than 10 Part/Serial Numbers & Monitor Firmware please click

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