Credit Return Form for Bently Nevada & Commtest Products

Step 1:Before requesting an RMA for a credit return, please ensure that all of the following criteria are met:

  • Stock standard hardware and software only (i.e., no custom or modified products)
  • Must be six months or less from date of invoice (or six months from delivery if part of a project installed by GE's Bently Nevada team)
  • Must be unused and in original packaging
  • Only one sales order per RMA allowed
  • 25% minimum restocking fee
* Has the equipment you wish to return been exposed to NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials)?   Yes   No
* Is the equipment you wish to return used at a Nuclear Facility?   Yes   No

Step 2:
Fill out below form

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Customer Information
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* Original Sales Order (You must fill out additional Credit request forms for each Sales Order)  
Equipment to be Returned

Complete Part and Serial Numbers
(include all applicable dash numbers i.e. 330100-50-00 NOT 330100). Multiple different parts can be sent on the same RMA number.
NOTE: For more than 10/Part/Serial Numbers please click
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