Flow Measurement & Control

GE offers a variety of accurate, flexible and reliable ultrasonic flow meters, vortex multivariable flow meters, fixed-installation and portable flowmeters for any industrial application.

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Hoffman Building Technologies began as the controls division of Hoffman & Hoffman, a technology leader since 1947 in providing high quality HVAC and energy management products.

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A uniquely-designed flow meter that meets the strict requirements for custody transfer of hydrocarbons

A two-path flow meter designed for natural gas

A three-path wetted meter for low-risk, accurate, repeatable measurement of nominal temperature liquids

Safety valves play an important role in keeping people and equipment safe. GE works closely with customers and regulatory organizations to configure, engineer, and manufacture safety valves that can help maintain safer operating conditions in a full range of environments.

A high-accuracy liquid flow meter combining superior design with rugged capabilities

Our latest ultrasonic liquid flow meter that is easy to use and quick to install

An ultrasonic water flow meter with a rugged, low-cost transmitter package

The all-digital XMT868i has no moving parts and requires minimal maintenance.

An ultrasonic steam flow meter transmitter to measure mass flow rate of saturated and superheated steam

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