Sentinel LCT8 Ultrasonic Custody Transfer Liquid Flow Meter

Pipeline Peace of Mind

In industries where measurement stability is critical to reliability and performance, the Sentinel LCT8 delivers peace of mind performance. Used primarily to measure hydrocarbon liquids and water in critical use applications, Sentinel LCT8 uses eight ultrasonic paths to achieve stable, reliable measurement, even in turbulent flow conditions typical in midstream applications. The Sentinel LCT8 design provides a stratified field that cancels effect of swirl and disturbances caused by viscosity changes or installation effects. 

Flow meters indicate loss of product flow from one point to another.  Highly repeatable and accurate flow meters like Sentinel LCT8 are ideal for use in custody transfer applications when revenue is at stake, for leak detection when pipeline integrity is critical, and for allocation measurement when company assets are subject to audit.


Sentinel LCT8 High-Accuracy Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter Brochure (US Letter Size)

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Features and Benefits

Full performance in multi-viscous conditions

The Sentinel LCT8 is viscosity independent, using proprietary algorithms to reduce the effects of viscosity. No prover run or change of settings is required when viscosity changes. The meter retains its accuracy over the whole range between minimum and maximum viscosity, using only one calibration curve.

Superior design and easier installation

The Sentinel LCT8 incorporates the compact industrial design of the Sentinel LCT4, including a cast flow cell with no exposed buffers or cables. This allows for seamless integration into a pipeline or process requiring a smaller installation footprint and shorter upstream and downstream straight run lengths. Transducers are enclosed in explosion-proof housings, requiring less buffer between them and the fluid, resulting in better accuracy.

Actionable, intelligent data

For leak detection applications, diagnostic flow data from Sentinel LCT8 can help operators decide what is significant. Changes in pipe and fluid data, coupled with pressure drop, may be indicative of potential problems. Over time, this flow data can yield diagnostic volumes and information about different sized leaks, which can help determine a threshold for triggering an alarm. The more accurate the data, the more reliable the model to determine what is a real leak and what is a false alarm.  

All the advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement

  • No drifting or required periodic calibration
  • No pressure drop
  • No restriction in the pipe
  • No moving parts and no filters or strainers to wear out


  • Pipeline leak detection
  • Liquid custody transfer measurement
  • Allocation measurement
  • Any critical liquid process measurement


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