Bently Nevada SCOUT200 Series

Bently Nevada's SCOUT200 series is comprised of easy to use, small form-factor portable vibration data collectors. The SCOUT220-IS (2 channel) and SCOUT240-IS (4 channel) are Intrinsically Safe (IS) hazardous-rated portable data collector designed for ATEX Zone 1 and CSA Class 1 Zone 1 hazardous areas.  The COMMTEST220 (2 channel) and COMMTEST240 (4 channel) shares the same performance and functionality specifications as the SCOUT220/240-IS but without the hazardous area rating and at a lower cost.

The SCOUT200 series represents the next generation of smarter, intrinsically safe portable data collectors from Bently Nevada. The SCOUT200 Series comes with a choice of industrial handheld devices which eliminates the need for a PC or other software packages at the data collection site. Fully supported by System 1 condition monitoring and diagnostic software, the SCOUT200 series integrates with your suite of Bently Nevada portable and monitoring products for a comprehensive condition based maintenance solution.

SCOUT200 Series Fact Sheet

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Features and Benefits

Full connectivity to System 1 

The SCOUT200 series is fully supported by System 1 the next generation of the GE's industry leading condition monitoring a diagnostics software. This enables you to analyze all your data from your comprehensive suite of Bently Nevada condition monitoring and protection devices in a single software solution.

The SCOUT200 Product

The SCOUT200 series are Intrinsically Safe (IS) hazardous-rated portable data collectors designed for ATEX Zone 1 and CSA Class 1 Zone 1 hazardous areas. The SCOUT200-IS has the following certifications:

  • ATEX Zone 1
  • CSA Class 1 Zone 1

Available in both 2 channel (SCOUT220-IS) or 4 channel (SCOUT240-IS).

The COMMTEST200 Product

The COMMTEST200 series shares the same performance and functionality specifications as the SCOUT200 but without a hazardous area rating and at a lower cost. The COMMTEST200 series is best suited for general industrial markets where no hazardous explosive environments exist on site.

Available in both 2 channel (COMMTEST220) or 4 channel (COMMTST240).

The Industrial Handheld Device

The data collector works in tandem with the S1 Collector app which runs on an industrial smartphone or tablet handheld device. You can collect vibration data, take pictures, send text messages, check your email, make phone calls and run other apps all on a single device.  The data collector uses Bluetooth to communicate with the industrial handheld smartphone or tablet which is also rated for hazardous environments (SCOUT200) or industrial (COMMTEST200).

The S1 Collector app exchanges data with System 1 directly via USB, Wi-Fi, or via cellular network. You can set up your routes in System 1 and sync up the data with the app using remote communication servers. The industrial handheld options eliminate the need for a PC or other software packages at the data collection site.

SCOUT200 Series Features and Benefits

  • Provides an economical condition monitoring solution.  Specifically designed to allow rapid data collection by non-expert users with feedback via a straightforward needle graph summary.
  • Ideal solution for lower-criticality rolling element bearing machines.
  • 16 GB of storage easily expandable to more.
  • Rugged hardware design.
  • IP67-sealed data collector (pending)
  • IP68-sealed handheld smartphone
  • Spectrum and waveform, overall trends and alarm bands displays all available in the field.
  • Supports remote data acquisition with centralized analysis via the System 1 "Remote Comms" system, providing simple data transfer to and from the instrument in the field without requiring a PC or software.
  • Two or Four input channels plus speed input.
  • Includes the patented 6Pack recording system for rapid data acquisition by taking six recordings per channel simultaneously.
  • Supported by System 1 for integration into your comprehensive Bently Nevada condition monitoring and protection solution.
  • Optionally equipped with a practical, multi-purpose handheld devices.
  • Backed by Bently Nevada’s 50+ years of industry leading experience.


Condition Monitoring & Protection Services

Condition Monitoring & Protection Services

You need to get the most out of your production assets. Your goal is to meet production commitments while lowering operating and maintenance expenses. We’ll work with you to accomplish that goal. We’ll ensure your system is properly maintained and being used to its full potential through our:

  • Customized service agreements,
  • Our Machinery Diagnostics experts,
  • Our 24/7 continuous Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic Services, or
  • Our cyber security, design installation, product installation, management and support services.

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