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Hydroelectric power generation is a cleaner power generation solution, due to its non-polluting process with no heat or noxious gases release. GE's sensors, controls and condition monitoring systems help hydroelectric power generation operators reduce downtime and uptime.    Our comprehensive solutions provide analysis of collected data, expert diagnostics, and systems to keep your plant running efficiently. From the Alaskan North Slope to the Gobi Desert, GE is leading a new era of power generation that connects machines, data and people. 

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By installing a state-of-the-art Mark VIe digital control with a modern Hydraulic Pressure Unit, GE was able to help a customer decreased startup time from four hours to less than 10 minutes.

GE's Measurement & Control Hydroelectric Plant Installation

Increased Plant Reliability -...


Upgrading to the GE solution has allowed the Taum Sauk hydroelectric plant to operate with a custom product tailored to site-specific...

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GE's Measurement & Control Hydroelectric Plant Installation

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