Onshore Production


Onshore drilling and production is fundamental to resource production globally, and includes oil and gas wells in all types of climates and operating conditions. With the emergence of unconventional resource production and the more prevalent use of fracking, the safe drilling and operation of wells, as well as optimized well production have become more significant. GE provides proven systems and products for onshore applications to support successful operations.


Our expertise in onshore production extends across several areas:

  • Drilling & Completion
  • Production Optimization
  • Separation

Asset Health Management: Onshore drilling and production is a 24/7 operation. GE Digital Solutions provides automated and remote monitoring capabilities that avoid the need for manual measurements. Our advanced monitoring solutions improve the reliability of turbines, compressors, motors, generators, and other critical machinery. We apply optimal technology based on asset criticality. Our capabilities allow you to monitor and protect critical machinery, prevent unplanned shutdowns, and improve reliability.

Operational Efficiency: Monitoring and protecting your assets is crucial to operational efficiency. GE Digital Solutions provides diagnostic solutions that support predictive and decision-making capabilities. Our diagnostic tools can be paired with our products to provide predictive asset management and remote diagnostic capabilities. Our goal is to maximize the reliability and availability of plant assets through greater predictability.

Support Services: GE Digital Solutions products and solutions are backed by our commitment to providing exceptional quality of service and care to our customers.

At a pioneering petroleum exploration and production company, GE conducted a successful upgrade of the Mark II controls to the Mark VIe integrated turbine and compressor controls—resulting in ensuring 99.5% power availability, up from an estimated 84% prior to the upgrade. The new advanced technology solution automated the control system for the gas turbine while improving performance and production. Overall, GE's Mark VIe reduced maintenance by 90% compared to the replaced systems.


power availability

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