New Comprehensive and Versatile Portable Phased Array Flaw Detector from GE

Combines High-End Ultrasonic Capabilities with Ease of Operation

Huerth, Germany - April 1, 2015 - The new Krautkramer USM Vision+ from GE's Measurement & Control business is a high performance, ultrasonic flaw detector which can be easily operated in both conventional and phased array modes. With fast, intuitive access to all relevant ultrasonic parameters, the new flaw detector allows ultrasonic inspectors the capability to tackle a wide range of applications from weld inspection to corrosion monitoring, while retaining control of the total process from calibration to post-inspection data processing. 


“In developing the new Krautkramer USM Vision+, we listened to our customers in the field,” says Joerg Reinersmann, senior product manager at GE. “As a result, we developed a flaw detector which completely complements the expertise and experience of a qualified Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technician, allowing him to use his skills to carry out comprehensive inspections, accurately and productively, throughout the industrial spectrum. USM Vision+ also retained many of the operating features of the existing USM series to ensure a quicker learning curve.”


The new flaw detector can be used for any weld configuration, circumferential or longitudinal, and is compatible with a wide range of motion encoders. Its phased array 16-128 configuration ensures compliance with all accepted inspection codes, while providing fast, comprehensive scanning to meet a wide range of inspection standards. It can be used for parallel scanning, allowing an inspector to scan both sides of a weld in one pass, and the phased array transducer elements can be grouped to provide simultaneous backwall monitoring or to allow inspection of complex components and structures, including billet, forgings and castings. 


Corrosion inspection and monitoring can be carried out with the Krautkramer USM Vision+ using GE’s DM phased array probes. The instrument is designed to operate with a range of low profile scanners, including the very low profile PALM scanner. This design element offers a comprehensive solution to the internal inspection of a wide range of boiler tubes. With features such as an interface echo trigger, the flaw detector can also be used for composites’ inspection, particularly with GE’s compact and lightweight RotoArray. It can also be matched with immersion probes to detect flaws, laminations and inclusions during immersion testing of larger structures during manufacture.


Inspection data is displayed on the instrument’s large, high resolution screen. The 100 percent digital amplification offers inspectors the full dynamic range for offline dB. If required, instant reporting can be provided by jpeg.  GE’s Rhythm software platform is used for extensive data acquisition, data review and data archiving, using the industry-standard DICONDE tagging system for quick and sure data retrieval.


The Krautkramer USM Vision+ features the familiar, intuitive user interface of the field-proven USM range, with two trackballs to operate a pointing device and dedicated function buttons. It is capable of operating in temperatures from 0 to 45°C and has a robust, rubberized housing, protected to IP 54, making it suitable for the harshest of operating environments. With its hot swap battery and weight of just 4 kg (8.8 lbs), it is ideal for extended operations in the field.


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