GE’s phoenix x|aminer Inspection System Now Available with CMOS Flat Panel Detector-Based Computed Tomography

Generates Higher Resolution Images for 2D and 3D Electronics Inspection

Wunstorf, Germany - April 22, 2015 - GE (NYSE:GE) Measurement & Control, a division of GE Oil & Gas, today introduced the CMOS-flat panel detector version of the 5-axis phoenix x|aminer. With computed tomography (CT) capability and a CT-dedicated software package, the latest version generates extremely high quality imaging for 3D and 2D inspection in the electronics sector. The new functionality saves time and costs in failure analysis, process control in printed circuit board assemblies and component inspection, and in research and development.

The phoenix x|aminer is already well-established as an entry level X-ray inspection system and has previously been offered in CMOS or image intensifier based CT versions. The CT version brought 3D inspection to the electronics sector, allowing quality control departments to carry out 3D failure analysis of more complex geometrical components, but it could not reach the improved image quality of the CMOS version.

The latest version combines CT capability with CMOS imaging so 3D inspections can now benefit from the better signal-noise ratio and sharpness of CMOS technology. Additionally, the introduction of the phoenix datos|x base software package for CT applications further enhances nondestructive inspection (NDT) processes. The software package controls and monitors all components of the CT system, including the microfocus X-ray tube, flat panel detector and work-piece manipulator, which results in greater control of projection data set creation, volume reconstruction and the visualization of volumes and projections to successfully perform 3D inspection tasks. Such process automation allows a user to perform simple and fast CT scanning with virtually instantaneous data acquisition or reconstruction.

As Steffen Riechers, product manager at GE Measurement and Control, explains, “Electronics manufacturers can now enjoy very high image quality in both 2D and 3D inspections, with a very powerful tool that is easy to operate.”

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