GE's New Radiation Scatter Correction Technology Brings High Throughput, High Quality Industrial Computed Tomography to Production Process Controls

  • Breakthrough innovation combines the benefits of fast cone beam CT with enhanced image quality of slower fan beam CT

  • First availablefully automated high-speed version of v|tome|x c CT scanner for high throughput batch CT inspection

Wunstorf, Germany, 5 May 2015 -  The unique scatter|correct technology from GE (NYSE:GE) Measurement & Control  is now available with the new phoenix v|tome|x c HS computed tomography (CT) system, bringing the superior image quality performance of fan beam CT to the speed of cone beam CT scanning in the production environment. This technology is applicable in the automotive, aerospace and power generation sectors and can be used for defect detection and analysis and metrology for high scattering materials, such as steel and aluminum, but also for composites and multi-material samples.

scatter|correct for fast, high quality cone beam CT

Traditionally, industrial X-ray computed tomography has been carried out in one of two ways:

  • First, when precise examination is required, fan beam CT is used employing a thin, collimated fan beam, which radiographs thin slices of the work-piece as it is rotated and moved linearly in steps though the beam. The individual slices are then reconstructed and combined to provide the full 3D volume.

  • Cone beam CT is much faster since it uses a flat panel detector to take all required 2D X-ray projections necessary to reconstruct the CT volume in just one rotation. However, cone beam scanning is subject to X-ray scatter. X-ray scatter is caused by spurious X-rays, reflected from objects, such as walls, or deflected inside the X-rayed sample, which are outside the X-ray source–detector path, impinging on the detector and negatively impacting the CT quality by scatter artifacts.

GE’s new scatter|correct technology, a GE proprietary combination of hard- and software advances, can now be used with cone beam CT carried out by the phoenix v|tome|x c system to automatically remove most scatter artifacts from the CT volume. This technological advancement provides image quality similar to that achieved with fan beam scanning but at speeds up to 100 times faster. As a result, the v|tome|x c is the first scanner of a new generation allowing users to gain a low scatter artifact quality level never before reached with conventional flat panel based cone beam CT. As a result, process control productivity increases by clearly improved quantitative volume evaluation such as automatic defect recognition (ADR) or more precise 3D metrology gained in in shorter inspection time

phoenix v|tome|x c 450 HS – Fully automated high-speed turbine blade inspection

In the new high-speed configuration, the v|tome|x c HS CT system features a new component gripper mounted beneath the turntable. This quick|pick manipulator is particularly suitable for fully-automated, fast CT of turbine blades. Operators can place the box with up to 25 turbine blades in the v|tome|x c HS system and press one button for fully automatic sample handling, scanning and CT evaluation, such as internal wall thickness measurements within approximately two hours without any operator action. Inspection productivity significantly increases at lower costs since now one operator can now run up to four CT systems in parallel instead of just one.  

According to Dr. Oliver Brunke, CT product manager at GE Measurement & Control, “The v|tome|x c HS with scatter|correct, quick|pick manipulator and one-button|CT functionality meets the throughput requirements of production quality control looking for fast, but precise defect analysis and metrology. It represents a paradigm shift not only in industrial cone beam CT, but also in the migration of industrial CT from the R&D lab to the shop floor.”

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