GE Measurement & Control Launches Industrial Internet Solution for the Monitoring and Protection of Hydro Turbines

  • A new configuration of Bently Nevada’s ADAPT technology brings an Industrial Internet Solution to the Hydro Industry.
  • Advanced Distributed Architecture Platform Technology provides a compact and intelligent machinery protection and condition monitoring solution.
  • Advanced capabilities, optimized for hydro specific measurements, help users predict and prevent machinery failure.

NASHVILLE, TN and MINDEN, NEV.-July 22, 2014 - GE's Measurement & Control business announced today at Hydrovision 2014 the launch of the Bently Nevada ADAPT (Advanced Distributed Architecture Platform Technology) 3701/46 Hydro Monitor. The 3701/46 Hydro Monitor is designed specifically for protection and condition monitoring of hydro turbines. The ADAPT 3701/46 technology will provide users with actionable information to help predict machine failure, prevent unforeseen downtime, and improve the reliability and availability of hydro machines. The ADAPT technology is the culmination of over 50 years of industry leading condition monitoring and expertise at GE’s Bently Nevada.

“We are excited to offer an Industrial Internet solution to monitor hydro machines.” said Joe Taylor, Senior Product Manager with GE’s Bently Nevada. “We often see hydro machines that are cycled on- and off- line multiple times per day, which are extreme operating conditions for hydro units. At the same time, regular maintenance outages are reduced or eliminated. This exacerbates the need to be continually monitoring the machines, analyzing the data, and delivering actionable information to the machine operators so they can predict downtime and run successful operations.”

The ADAPT 3701/46 excels at the intensive signal processing necessary to identify early indicators of machine failure modes, long before an alarm. It’s compact yet robust footprint enables mounting near the hydro unit, reducing wiring and installation cost. The ADAPT 3701 operator display is a System 1® Evolution Basic, a simple and easy to use entry package of GE’s industry leading condition monitoring software. The coupling of ADAPT 3701 and System 1 Evolution adds troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities to this already brilliant machine.

The 3701/46 is optimized for the lower speeds of hydro turbines, and incorporates specialized measurements to detect rough load zone, propeller, blade, or bucket nX frequencies, and cavitation, as well as conventional measurements of shaft radial position and vibration, thrust position, and absolute vibration using proximity probes, accelerometers, or velocity sensors. The compact size and channel count of the 3701/46 Hydro Monitor make it an ideal, cost-effective solution for hydro turbines requiring no more than 12 sensor points.

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