GE Integrates Vendor Neutral NDT Inspection Data Management into Enterprise Networks

Rhythm Enterprise Archive provides a secure, DICONDE compliant, data management system for the NDT industry

Integrates data management software onto an existing server image and hardware for high NDT efficiency and security

Easily stores and retrieves data from digital radiography inspections allowing global NDT data management to drive inspection productivity

Lewistown, PA / USA - March 18, 2015 - GE Measurement & Control, a division of GE Oil & Gas, today announced the availability of software deployments for Rhythm Enterprise Archive (Rhythm EA), a DICONDE (Digital Imaging and Communication in Non-Destructive Evaluation) based long-term archival solution for radiographic non-destructive testing (NDT) results. With more connected assets and vulnerabilities than ever before, enterprises need to store larger quantities of inspection data and enhance security across the network. Rhythm EA now offers high volume data storage for the entire life of the asset, deployed on enterprise hardware and server image to readily tie into the user’s existing enterprise network and security framework. Company wide DICONDE image data generation, review and storage increases efficiency and drives more strategic decisions across the enterprise.

Since actual conversion from film to digital radiography creates a lot of digital data, there is a need to consider how to store, search and retrieve that data. To provide healthcare for the industry based on the established medical DICOM standard, the vendor neutral industrial DICONDE format has been developed to ensure easy data management and long term storage of industrial inspection data. This is critical not only for asset inspection in the oil and gas industry, but also to comply with the aerospace industry’s high security standards for turbine blade inspection data.

With Rhythm EA, organizations can avoid legacy data issues and do not have to maintain outdated systems or convert old data once the solution is integrated into the enterprise network. Older data management and storage processes using DVD burning or managing files on a mapped server by filename are cumbersome, time consuming and create strict user workflow rules. Subject to human error, these processes often result in data misplacement and create difficulties for searching and retrieving data years later.

Rhythm EA’s robust data management solution reduces complexity and enables global collaboration with data sent directly to review experts or the Archive either with a simple send command or automated scheduling to the Archive when the system is not active. The Archive will fully manage the data and that data is then readily searchable and retrievable from a query form on the workstation.

“Because the rise of the industrial internet has driven more connected devices and data, inspection organizations and asset owners need better storage capabilities and global availability of DICONDE compliant inspection data,” said Sue Montagna, product manager, GE Measurement & Control. “Rhythm EA’s centralized data management and integration enables organizations to make quicker decisions from the plant floor to the corporate office, improving business processes and increasing productivity.”

Rhythm EA’s data management system further allows all the data from multiple sites to be stored within one server and accessed by any workstation on the network with permissions to the Archive, allowing inspection teams to collaborate from remote locations. Images acquired across the world can be reviewed by Level III NDT experts wherever they are located. Data is retrieved directly from the Archive in less time than it would take for the Level I to even start the process of burning a DVD. By improving data sharing and providing a central, safe, long term information repository, Rhythm EA can significantly affect profitability, with immediate benefits in time-saving and reliability.


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