GE Announces New Portable Multi-Function Instrument Calibrator/Communicator

Offers Comprehensive Capability and Ease-of-Use with Innovative Swipe Screen Technology


GROBY, UK- September 22, 2014- GE Measurement & Control announced the availability of the new DPI 620 Genii from the GE Druck family of products. The DPI 620 Genii combines comprehensive, multifunctional test and calibration capabilities with digital HART and Foundation Fieldbus communication in a single hand-held device. It is the first such portable device to feature intuitive swipe screen technology. The DPI 620 Genii integrates with calibration and maintenance software, so that calibration and configuration data is available from the field devices through to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This provides maintenance regimes and instrument engineers, with accurate, fast and reliable information to improve workflows and increase productivity. The DPI 620 Genii is designed for use in the process, chemical, petro-chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and power generation sectors.

The multi-function and pressure calibration functionality of Genii is based upon the well-proven Druck DPI620. It is an advanced, hand-held indicator/calibrator, which can measure and simulate the electrical parameters, temperatures and frequencies associated with the majority of process instrumentation but is significantly more accurate (eight to 16 times) than a typical multimeter. A modular tool, its duties can be expanded by the addition of a uniquely flexible pressure system. This comprises a range of 32 high accuracy pressure measurement modules with ranges from 25 mbar up to 1000 bar; three pressure generating stations so that pressure can be generated pneumatically from 95 percent vacuum up to 20 bar to 100 bar, and hydraulically up to 1000 bar. Its broad range solves the transportation and EHS issues of using gas bottles and regulators. The innovative 1000 bar hydraulic capability greatly simplifies the priming of hydraulic systems and the generation of very high pressures.

The HART and Fieldbus communication capabilities of Genii work seamlessly with the calibration functions allowing configuration, commissioning and calibration of digital devices. With built-in libraries of all 1300 registered HART and 600 Foundation Fieldbus device descriptions (DD), and with virtually unlimited memory for future updates, Genii can view, change, clone and store device configurations, even off-line. Analogue variables can be measured and sourced without the need for secondary calibration equipment and, to complete its self-sufficiency, Genii provides its own 24V loop supply and contains an integral 250 ohm HART resistor.

Software and DD library updates are free-of-charge, so that Genii is always ready for service. GE can also provide a free-of-charge PC utility for managing HART device configuration data documented by Genii and for editing and cloning configurations, with tools for managing the DD library.

“Genii is the single instrument with the full functionality required by an instrument engineer to test, calibrate and communicate with plant instrumentation,” said Mike Shelton, product manager at GE. “Primary applications can be quickly launched on the intuitive dashboard screen, while a TASK menu allows single touch configuration for a range of devices. Data is collected digitally for regulatory requirements and process improvements. Consequently, a complete plant instrument database of test procedures/work-orders and HART configurations can be managed from one hand-held device. And all this information can be transferred to calibration and maintenance software, providing enterprise-wide visibility and management control.”

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