GE Adds Scintillation-Based Neutron Scattering Detectors to Portfolio

Innovative neutron scattering technology licensed from ORNL

TWINSBURG, OHIO - October 15, 2013- GE’s (NYSE: GE) Measurement & Control business, manufacturer of Reuter Stokes radiation detection equipment, today announced a technology transfer agreement with Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) to market and manufacture scintillation-based neutron scattering detectors.

Neutron research is conducted by directing a beam of neutrons at a specimen and precisely measuring the position and timing of the scattered neutrons. Neutrons have no electric charge and are able to penetrate deeper into materials, providing scientists with greater insight into molecular structures. These detectors enable the research community to perform cutting edge science. Neutron scattering research has led to multiple breakthroughs in fundamental science, materials, electromagnetics and medical research.

  • The neutron detectors licensed under this agreement include wavelength shifting fiber and high-precision Anger camera scintillation technologies.
  • These detectors are intended for use in neutron research facilities. The detector licenses were previously held by PartTec Ltd.
  • Building on GE’s unrivaled expertise in helium-3 (HE-3) neutron scattering detectors and electronics, and GE’s recent introduction of Boron-10 detectors, this move demonstrates GE’s continued investment in neutron scattering technologies.

ORNL’s Richard Riedel, co-developer of the technology, noted that the detector has many potential uses. "These scintillator detectors have applications for single crystal analysis and identification of powder diffraction lines,” Riedel said. “They are used in a broad range of applications, from the studying of biological materials to industrial manufacturing.”

“The addition of the scintillation detectors to the GE portfolio is an exciting development and will allow Reuter Stokes to offer a more comprehensive solution to meet the needs of the neutron scattering community,” said Tom Anderson, Global Product Manager for Measurement & Control, the Reuter Stokes division of GE Oil & Gas.

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