From garage startup to a global technology leader

phoenix | x-ray inspection and CT products from GE celebrates 15 years.

WUNSTORF, GERMANY- 22 April 2014 - From humble beginnings in a double garage in Wunstorf Germany, phoenix | x-ray and computed tomography (CT) products from GE have grown to become a global technology leader. In April 2014 the phoenix | x-ray product line celebrates its 15th anniversary, and looks toward future growth as 3D CT solutions drive productivity improvements on the production floor in the automotive, aerospace and power generation industries.

The product line was founded in 1999 near Hanover to serve the electronics industry with 2D microfocus X-ray inspection systems produced in the original Wunstorf garage. Just two years later, phoenix | x-ray was the first to introduce an industrial nanofocus X-ray tube and in 2007 the company was acquired by GE.

Today thousands of phoenix | x-ray systems have been supplied worldwide for use in the aerospace, automotive, energy and electronics industries. Products range from compact 2D X-ray inspection systems to 3D CT systems with walk-in radiation protection cabins that can perform three-dimensional analysis of large components such as cylinder heads or aero engine fan blades. At the other end of the spectrum, materials scientists use high-resolution nanoCT® systems from GE to perform three-dimensional analysis of structures manifold smaller than the thickness of a human hair.

“The phoenix | x-ray product line is an integral part of GE’s Measurement and Control offering, and has consistently been at the forefront of technological development,“ said Juan Mario Gomez, general manager– Radiography for GE Measurement and Control. “We will continue to introduce new technologies and applications that improve our customers’ productivity in their operations and in the field.”

Phoenix | x ray products continue to be manufactured in Wunstorf, Germany near Hanover. Additional application centers are located in Ahrensburg, Stuttgart, Munich, France, the United States, Brazil, South Korea, Japan and China.

Computed Tomography replaces destructive tests and tedious measurements

By offering high resolution three dimensional imaging and allowing users to create virtually any cut through the interior of a sample, CT technology opens new possibilities for analysis and quality control. Differences in material composition or density can be visualized three-dimensionally. This makes it possible to detect pores, cracks or inclusions without destroying the object under examination.

CT scans acquire all the surface points of an object simultaneously, enabling the precise 3D measurement of components to the accuracy of a few micrometers. This is something that cannot be performed non-destructively by coordinate measurement methods, especially if the part has hidden surfaces not accessible for tactile or optical measurement methods.

Recent developments in industrial computed tomography have allowed customers to realize enormous efficiency and productivity benefits by bringing advanced measurement out of the research laboratory into the production process. There is no doubt that the next 15 years will bring continued technological advancement, with GE’ phoenix business as a technology leader.

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