New GE Cyber Security Lab Announces NEI 08-09 Compliance

Longmont, CO facility follows secure development lifecycle

LONGMONT, CO- April 25, 2014 - GE’s (NYSE: GE) Measurement & Control announced today the completion of a NEI 08-09 compliant cyber security lab at its Control Solutions headquarters Longmont, CO. NEI 08-09 is the current set of regulatory compliance standards for nuclear power plants issued by the Nuclear Energy Institute.

  • The enhanced cyber security lab and updated GE processes demonstrate GE’s commitment to a secure development lifecycle (SDLC), as outlined in NEI 08-09. While NEI 08-09 requirements are directed at nuclear licensees (i.e. power plants), NEI 08-09 requires nuclear licensees to assure that vendors/suppliers of critical digital assets (CDAs) follow a SDLC.
  • To meet the NEI 08-09 requirements, GE updated several internal processes, facilities and procedures, which include:
  • The development of a comprehensive blueprint and database to help GE’s nuclear power plant customers understand how each GE-provided CDA was developed, assembled, tested and shipped using methods compliant to NEI 08-09.
  • The creation of a matrix which identifies and tracks how NEI 08-09 requirements are addressed, satisfied or mitigated for each key product.
  • GE recently completed a year-long cyber security project with a major nuclear customer to ensure that the shipment of CDAs meet the full intent of NEI 08-09. Going forward, GE will offer support for both nuclear and non-nuclear projects that require a high level (NEI or NERC CIP 5) cyber-secure process and standard.

“This certification is the most recent example of GE’s commitment to our customers and the steps we take to help improve their security postures and support compliance efforts as they relate to GE equipment,” said Terry Knight, general manager for GE Measurement & Control, a GE Oil & Gas division. “GE is now able to effectively demonstrate its capability and to manage the risk of nuclear controls retrofits and can verify that GE CDAs were designed, built, tested, and shipped via an SDLC. This cyber security initiative ties into GE’s broader commitment to enhance internal and external cyber security for its customers.”

  • Features of the Longmont facility include:
  • Enhanced secure building access, including 24/7 exterior and interior video surveillance
  • Restricted lab access with detailed log-in
  • Six-wall containment
  • Multiple independent secure areas – ability to run multiple projects at once
  • Secure Custody Transfer including locked and sealed container for CDA. (Only to be opened in secured area by trained personnel.)

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