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Technical Questions

    How do I setup my PT878?

    Please watch the below video with instructions on for setting up PT878:

    How to find a Technical Support Contact?

    In the main website menu click Contacts Us >> select I need Support or Service for my GE product >> click Service Directory.

    The Tech Support contact information for each M&C product line could be found there.

    I cannot access the Calibration menu on my DPI 610/615 using the Calibration PIN 4321. Is there an over-ride / by-pass PIN?

    To over-ride an unknown PIN use the PIN 6100 followed immediately by pressing the SETUP key (not the ENTER key).

    I cannot access the Calibration menu using the PIN 000. Is there a way to over-ride the PIN number?

    First check that the CAL enable link (LK1) located on the rear of the PCB is fitted in the checked position. If the link is not in the checked position then move the link to the checked position and re-enter the pin 000. If you still cannot access the Calibration menu then the Cal pin will require resetting as follows:

    Press the SET key until the display shows PIN, press the F2 key to access the pin menu, enter the pin number 212, next enter the new pin as 000, then re-enter 000 to confirm the new pin number.

    The Calibration menu can now be accessed using the pin number 000. For further information on changing the pin number refer to the DPI 740 User Manual K200.

    I cannot gain access to the calibration menu using the calibration PIN 4321. What should I do?

    First check that the calibration enable link is fitted in the ticked position. The link is located on the display side of the PCB. If the link is fitted in the ticked position and the PIN number 4321 still does not gain access to the calibration menu then enter the number 7050 followed by pressing the UNITS key.

    What to do if the PT878 goes into a rebooting loop and will not turn on?

    This condition is a result of the battery power being too low such that it corrupts the bootup file. In order to fix this problem, you must take the following 2 actions: 

    1. Reset the meter.

    2. Recharge the battery for 6-8 hours prior to using.

    In order to reset the meter:

    1. Turn the meter on. 

    2. When 'Program CRC' appears on the screen press and hold the “0” key for about 10 sec. 

    3. The following should appear: “Reload Flash via Infrared (Yes/No)?”. Press No (F2). 

    4. The following should appear: “Erase all Sites (Yes/No)?” Press Yes (F1). 

    Upon resetting the meter, the units will switch to metric. If this is the desired selection, reprogram meter as necessary, otherwise you will need to reset to English units. To do this, select Menu --> Meter --> Units --> Select English. If the condition does not clear after resetting and recharging the meter, the battery will need to be replaced. You can either order a new battery (part number 200--081) through Customer Care, or send the meter in for repair.

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