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The plant reliability team at an acrylic acid manufacturing facility in the Middle East relies on GE’s System 1® condition monitoring software to monitor the health of all the plant’s critical machinery assets. An unexpected server crash halted all communication between critical plant assets and GE’s System 1® condition monitoring enterprise software, leaving more than half of the plant’s assets completely unmonitored. Following several failed attempts to recover the server, the onsite reliability team and plant maintenance superintendent decided to immediately request GE’s Bently Nevada supporting services.


GE’s Bently Nevada Services team thoroughly reviewed the System 1 installation and network topology. They quickly found that a discrepancy between back-up programs for two logic drives had disrupted the synchronized operation between System 1 operating in one server, and another software system operating on a second server. Following GE best practices, the team was able to uninstall both System 1 and other software programs from a combination of both servers and then re-install the programs in a specific troubleshooting sequence. Both servers were reactivated and all normal communication parameters were likewise re-established.After only a few minutes of troubleshooting, both servers were receiving normal communications from System 1 software, and condition monitoring was restored across the plant.


GE’s Bently Nevada Services team restored condition monitoring to all impacted plant assets in asingle day. With an estimated production value of $1.5 million daily, any unplanned downtime inthe plant would have been extremely costly. By using a series of best practices, the team enabled the customer to continue proactive asset health monitoring and implement a condition-based maintenance strategy.


*Condition-based maintenance. Restoring GE’s System 1 software allowed the plant reliability team to monitor the health of their assets and plan for any downtime.

*Avoided costly downtime. The plant’s daily production was estimated at $1.5 million. Any unplanned downtime could cost upwards of that amount.

*Best practices. GE best practices helped the team resolve the customer issue quickly and effectively.

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