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A petrochemical plant in the Middle East recently experienced a process upset which significantly disturbed a particular compressor, resulting in an alarm trip indicating high vibration. The customer’s attempts to restart the machine failed as a result of the high vibration. The customer then decided to open the machine, starting with the coupling first. The investigation yielded nothing unusual. Next the customer opened the bearings on both ends of the compressor and still could not find any issues. Before going further the customer called the Bently Nevada SSA Site Lead and requested urgent support via the Bently Nevada RMC connection.


A Bently Nevada Machinery Diagnostic Services (MDS) engineer located in one the global RMCs securely connected to the customer’s System 1 enterprise software to review the data. After completing the analysis, he called the customer to inform him the high vibration was due to a seal rub only - and there was no need to open the compressor casing to inspect the compressor internals. The customer immediately inspected the seal, found the expected damage, and was able to replace the seal and start the machine smoothly. The complete support and repair was completed within 24hours of receiving the official request. This was possible due to the remote access to System 1 and the local team’s familiarity with the design and normal behavior of the machine.


Without the accurate analysis, the customer would have opened the casing to inspect the compressor internals, which could have resulted in production delay and additional, unnecessary maintenance cost. Additionally, whenever a machine is disassembled there is always a potential for incorrect reassembly and thereby more possible damage and further downtime. The combination of the Bently Nevada SSA and RMC team’s fast action saved the machine from major damage.


  • Avoided costly downtime with a quick and accurate diagnosis of the problem, allowing the compressor to be up and running within 24 hours.
  • Dramatically reduced labor and travel costs resulting from the centralized remote monitoring and diagnosis of the compressor.
  • Avoided unnecessary maintenance costs by accurately diagnosing the problem and preventing the customer from further exploration.

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