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One of GE’s Bently Nevada customers owns and operates several oil and gas production platforms in the United Kingdom sector of the North Sea. The customer currently uses common dry gas seals that incorporate a tandem (redundant) design to improve reliability and prevent a single point seal failure. However, as the customers’ total number of installations continued to grow, the number of unexpected outages began increasing too, so the customer needed a better way to monitor the health of its dry gas seals.


GE’s System 1 optimization & diagnostic software continuously provides timely and accurate assessments of critical machinery assets at the site – all monitored remotely at the customers’ onshore engineering offices. Since installing System 1 Dry Gas Seal RulePaks, three significant events have been reported by the software, and working collaboratively, GE and customer engineers confirmed the reported conditions and then utilized System 1 diagnostic capabilities to determine that continued operation was acceptable, avoiding any unplanned outages.


System 1 helps customers detect early warning symptoms associated with common failure modes. In this example, three significant events were detected by the System 1 Dry Gas Seal Rulepak solution, resulting in the avoidance of unplanned outages estimated at a potential $1 million in lost production. The events included:

*A dry gas secondary seal degradation event was reported on the low/medium pressure compressor non-drive end, and upon inspection, the advisory of the degradation on the secondary was confirmed.

*A bearing oil migration event on the off-gas compressor seal reported that the bearing oil lubrication system was still on, while the separation seal supply pressure had dropped below the permissive start set-point. The timely advisory prevented bearing oil migration into the secondary seal.

*System 1 advised that the nitrogen buffer gas supply temperature was low, and the team confirmed the temperature had dropped to the ambient level of 13 degrees Celsius. Platform personnel were notified immediately, and after a quick investigation, they discovered that the heater was non-functional. The problem was quickly remedied.


  • Increased Availability.By understanding the extent of a dry gas seal condition change, operators can make better decisions and extend availability.
  • Increased Reliability.The System 1 Dry Gas Seal RulePak was developed using failure mode effect analysis tables, as typically produced for critical equipment identified in a reliability-centered maintenance program.
  • Decreased Maintenance Cost and Lost Production Revenue.Dry Gas Seal maintenance intervals can typically extend to desired run time goals. The System 1 platform’s troubleshooting capabilities have been repeatedly proven to reduce the impact of these incidents by identifying root cause faster.

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