Inspection Made Easy with XL Lv Utility Video Borescope

Keeping the brew flowing

Inspect inner weld seams of pipes

Raj Brewery part of the Jawalakhel Group of Industries, leading manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages in Nepal since 1973, partnered with a German beer company to set up a state of the art facility in Nepal to manufacture and distribute its products.  In the manufacturing process, it is critical that weld seams of all pipes are inpsected before and after fitting.  This quality check helps ensure the quality of the product and efficiency of manufacturing process.   

The Raj Brewery team needed to: 

  • Safely perform these weld inspections at height
  • Capture images for easy reporting
  • Increase productivity

GE as part of the solution

GE's XL Lv Utility Video Borescope fit the bill perfectly for this application. Amul Ghimire, of the Raj Brewery indicated, “What surprised us was the ease of use of the XL Lv; without even opening the owner’s manual were able to navigate easily around the instrument’s basic feature and without wasting any time could start our inspection on schedule.” 


XL Lv is portable and offers an ergonomic design

The XL Lv’s portability and ergonomic design proved extremely helpful to make inspection at a height and the ability to control all features including articulation with a single hand enabled one person to perform inspection with ease. Raj Brewery is confident the XL Lv will continue to be a valuable tool beyond building and commissioning the facility into regular operation and maintenance of the facility.

Technology Highlights of the XL Lv

  • Lightweight portable design
  • Still image and live video capture with full VGA LCD
  • Intuitive easy-to-use controls
  • Servo motor All-Way* Probe articulation

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