Control Upgrades

Power Generation - Combined Cycle


The Tambak Lorok power plant was using a distributed control system (DCS) that had become obsolete. Replacement parts and supporting services were no longer available, and plant reliability was low due to frequent DCS problems. The plant needed to replace the outdated DCS with a new, fully-supported system. The new system needed to monitor and control three heat recovery steam generators and interface with all gas turbine generators in “Block I,” plus it needed to link to the existing control system in “Block II.”


The Tambak Lorok team turned to GE for help. In conjunction with its channel partner, CONSEN, GE was selected from a field of five other vendors to retrofit the DCS system. “We chose the GE solution because it was price competitive, offered the best technical implementation, and provided a wide range of aftermarket services,” explains Mr. Heri Supriyanto, Senior Engineer. GE designed, supplied, implemented and commissioned an OC6000e Distributed Control System to meet Tambak Lorok’s needs. The system served as the communications interface between the turbine controls, control room equipment and fiber optic communication cables and accessories. In addition, the combined cycle steam turbines are now running with GE’s Mark V and EX2000 systems.


GE delivered the control upgrade on a tight delivery schedule and helped modernize plant operations. The site is realizing a range of productivity increases from the installation, including 90 percent reliability compared to 80 percent prior to the upgrade. Higher reliability has led to increased operating productivity with fewer failures - and with fully supported services, the onsite team has reduced downtime, with spare parts orders now being received in as little as two weeks. Finally, contracting GE to supply both the DCS and the unit control systems saved Indonesia Power approximately $200,000 in communication interfaces and reduced the complexity of both projects.


In addition to productivity savings, the Tambak Lorok team also received:

  • Access to local, in-person support, plus technical support via a 24/7 phone hotline and an online troubleshooting and maintenance forum
  • Fully supported parts and services, leading to reductions in downtime
  • The OC6000e’s distributed architecture, which provides production continuity and reduces the impact of system component losses
  • The OC600e’s single channel isolated I/O, a key feature enabling continued system reliability

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