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GE Installs SecurityST Solution for Middle Eastern Oil & Gas Company to Enhance Cyber Security


A global petroleum enterprise and a world leader in oil & gas.


A large oil & gas company had to bolster its cyber infrastructure to protect its ICS network against sophisticated threats. To meet the needs of three distinct operational technology environments, the organization required a centralized security management solution with a defense-in-depth system. Only a trusted partner with expertise in both oil and gas and cyber security could provide a customized solution to meet its needs.


With local expertise in the region, GE was able to understand the organization’s actual needs. GE developed a customized SecurityST solution to meet the oil and gas company’s Software Identification (SWID) audit requirements and site configurations. Installed to protect three physically separated sites, the SecurityST solution helps mitigate cyber vulnerabilities at the network, endpoint and controller levels. This centralized system employs modular defensive services and technologies to gives the organization a single vantage point to: 

  • See its cyber security posture 
  • Implement proactive strategies and policies to protect critical control system and related networks 
  • Provide a centralized reporting capability to manage cyber risk


  • Achilles® Practice Certified – Bronze, indicating the solution has undergone strict cyber security best practices demonstrating that systems are developed and implemented securely.
  • Designed to support the facilities operations’ compliance to cyber security standards and guidelines including ISA99/IEC 62443.
  • Can be extended to accommodate any field challenges.


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